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#8897660 Dec 30, 2013 at 06:46 AM
NAME: Shannymac
AGE: 18
PLEASE INCLUDE A WOL PARSE WITH YOUR APPLICATION: only one i could find that was recent enough


What is your most memorable raiding moment and why?
getting my first heroic boss in soo killing immerseus

Have you ever been a raid leader, class leader or do you any other exceptional qualities you can think of?
ill ask what im doing wrong what i can do to be better and call out cds everything

Do you commit to attending at least 90% of our raids?: im on every day yeas

Is your gear optimal? Have you reforged/gemmed and enchanted correctly for ultimate performance? What websites or tools do you use to determine this?

mr robot

How can you improve yourself as a raider?
yes im when i get gear im gunna improve 10 fold im gunna be the best

What addons do you use to raid? (Please add a screenshot of your UI)

Is your offspec for PvE and how confident are you playing it?: my off spec is bear tank 542 item level i think im getting os gear for so i can tank normals instead of dpsing all the time

How often do you post chat in Trade, General or LFG?
What are the most important aspects of raiding for you
(a) maximum progression
(b) the social interaction/teaming
this one right here im all about team bonding then we can progress further and be better
(c) getting new gear
(d) getting ranked high on WoL and/or
(e) other (please specify)?

Give us brief rundown on your previous guild experience.
was in a guild called vitare they are pretty progressed they gave me a chance but i left cause i felt horde were the right choice cause my friends are here and also the racial is better

What other activities do you enjoy IN-GAME?
pvping on my other toons also world pvp there is nothing like that thrill of world pvp
Tell us a bit about yourself. Anything else you would like to mention that our questions haven't covered?
i play league of legends i don't have a girlfriend so that wont be an issue
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